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See this as your own private writing retreat and seminar. You can find exercises, writing prompts, tips on writing fiction, and so much more.

This is for you and your writing.

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Earning Money

Learn how to earn money on Medium the quick and easy way by following my steps.

Author standing beneath a bush of roses.
Author standing beneath a bush of roses.

In order not to waste your time, I am going to layout the boilerplate information up front before diving into how I learned all of this and the full step-by-step guide of my process.

Takeaways That You Can Use in Your Own Writing

  • Write headlines that show personal experience and how to achieve something like How I Biked 1,000-miles by Listening to Audio Books.
  • Find the biggest publication in your niche and read their most recent articles to learn voice, format, and what the readers engage with before submitting to them.
  • Publish multiple times with a big publication to create a wave of views.
  • Share your articles widely and…

You roll in unexpected making me wet and sweat for the chaos you’ll bring.

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Your thunder drew nearer
dislodging all that I had become
in the absence of storms.

You are a storm
of magical draught,
Studded and complex
over my Serengeti.

There, your thunder again;
maybe a tree will give
if not, I will.
Not to childhood freights
or imaginary shadows
working out my demise.

I will give in
to you.

More Poetry by Aigner Loren Wilson:

Aigner Loren Wilson is a 5X Top Writer in Fiction, Writing, Art, Books, and Poetry. Her work has appeared in P.S. I Love You, Arsenika, Illumination, and more. She is releasing a poetry collection, to be haunted, in the summer of 2021.

When you stand alone at the edge of a field and road, do you hear the wild wind calling you home?

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When I was young, I used to take dangerous walks into the night, into the streets. I did it for no other reason than to be alive, alone, and at the cross hairs of something cold and wild.

There is a change that takes place when the wind blows over you. A change that isn’t necessarily yours or mine or anyone’s but the winds. I learned while out in the night that there are things that exist outside of us and without us. …

Are you starved for connection?

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How long has it been since you touched someone else? Maybe you live with a partner or your family, but have you hugged your friends? Given a stranger a high five just for the hell of a sunny day?

When was the last time you embraced a new friend, old lover, grandparent, sister, brother, aunt, nana, mommom, Pop-pop, uncle, father, mother? If you’re like me, it’s been more than a year.

As the days slip on through my fingers, I find that I have become a new coil of sensation. What touch means has become something different. …

#6 Stephen King’s “On Writing” won’t make you a better writer.

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I started writing when I was young, like many writers. Words and stories flew from me quicker than I could pen them down. So, I decided young that I would take the steps toward being a career writer.

20 years later, I was still writing but no close to being an actual writer. By “actual writer” I mean someone who is paid and sought out for their writing. So while yes, I did write and technically was a writer. I was really just a hobbyist.

Someone who wrote for fun.

If you’re familiar with my writing, then you know that…

Thank you so much for that compliment. That is exactly what I am going for in my writing.

I think my voice and style comes from being introduced to horror and dark things at a young age and not knowing the difference between what was fake and what was real. It's made me want to recreate that feeling of dark magic that I still feel about the world in my readers. Like yes, things are dark and scary and sometimes horrifying, but they can be beautiful, and they can make you question what is real, what is safe.

Great article. I write about writers like you a lot—writers who were knocked off their journey to publication because of rejection and lack of confidence. Glad you got over it!

Poetry to touch, taunt, and terrify.

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Exciting news!

This summer I’ll be releasing my first poetry collection. Published by my own company, Haus of Three Crows, ‘to be haunted’ will compromise 20 poems. Some have been published before, but most will be new and fresh for the collection.

‘to be haunted’ is both parts personal and scary, haunting and beautiful. Poetry was my first language. It was how I learned to say who I was, what I felt, and what I wanted to be.

Specialty pre-orders for the collection will start Feb 26th-28th — next weekend! I’m only opening up those pre-orders to my reader group…

This is a disgusting piece that reads like white people spoofing or parodying and making a caricature out of Black people while also stealing their history. Parody or not, this sh*t's harmful.

It's like a bunch of people sat in a room twirling their thumbs and wondering what would be the "funniest" thing to publish during Black history month: "let's take Black people's history and transplant it on to white people, erasing their identities and struggles for our amusement."

Poor taste. Poor editorial insight.

Aigner Loren Wilson

5X Top Writer. Fiction. Poetry. Writing Advice. Subscribe for access to masterclass courses in writing and editing. https://mailchi.mp/d2ebcd43b182/q7mv72xip

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