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I’m a professional Hugo Award finalist editor and writer with work appearing in top publications like Rue Morgue, Tordotcom, Vice, WIRED, and more. This is my place for you, the writer who wants to learn from someone in the trenches.

I not only share my advice, but I offer advice from other professionals in the writing, editing, and publishing field. I believe you can become the writer you want to be. With this, the path will be clearer for you, too.

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Learn the language that can change your future.

Aigner Loren Wilson Free Online Classes for Python Beginners. A grid background with a text box that has two circles in the corner with sharp edges. In the text box, it reads free online classes for python beginners by Aigner Loren Wilson. Beginner Python classes. Beginner Classes in Python coding. Coding Classes for Beginners. Beginners Online Coding Class. Online Python Coding Class for Beginners. Free Python Class. Free Online Python Class.
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I’ve been attempting to learn more programming languages to help me code games and see different ways to tell stories. It’s a fascinating and confusing process to start learning how to code in Python language. I wouldn’t say that I’m a born technical writer, but I am an autodidact who has taught herself many skills in short periods of time.

In my time, I’ve come across tons of free online Python courses, but not everyone is really worth the time. I want to save people who want to learn Python the hassle I had to go through. These are the…

Bonuses may be the new norm, but only if you follow the top writer practice that Medium rewards.

Earn a Medium Bonus article cover by Aigner Loren Wilson. A person sitting in a wheel chair at a desk on a computer. Earn a Medium Bonus. Become a Top Writer. Learn how to be a top writer on Medium. Top writer status on Medium. Medium top writers. Medium Bonus. Medium $500 Bonus.
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So it seems we’re in the land of new money. Medium’s giving out bonuses to those who write stories that are ‘thought-provoking’. Of course, there’s the caveat of ‘regularly publishing’ those stories to stay ahead of the tide of content mill writing.

If you got the below email, you’re probably feeling in good shape and have a firm grasp on what you need to do to keep earning. Many people, like the ~28,000 other writers who didn’t get bonuses, are scratching their heads trying to understand the magic formula to earnings.

A starter guide to understanding the nonfiction and technical forms of writing.

Nonfiction types and genres. Technical writing types and genres by Aigner Loren Wilson article cover. A Black person smiling while typing on a computer. The words write smarter are over top of the image. Understanding nonfiction writing. What type of essay am I writing? Understanding technical writing.
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When I did the fiction and poetry tutorials, I started off by giving a definition of what each was. I thought it was helpful for some people because those forms can be confusing. For nonfiction, when it comes to understanding the form, I feel as though that route wouldn’t be helpful.

What is nonfiction writing?

What comes up most often when talking about nonfiction is all of the different types of forms and not so much its definition. Many writers don’t see that the nonfiction form is much more expansive than the fiction form. Sometimes, oftentimes actually, nonfiction forms blend…

Where do we find our rhythm in the practice of craft?

Finding a writing routine article cover by Aigner Loren Wilson. A Black person smiling while laying on grass and looking at a tablet. Find your writing routine. Writing routines.
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A follower and loyal reader Trip Jensen recently commented on one of my stories. The subjects and concerns he brought up felt like they were a bit bigger than a simple comment back. From what he said, my mind began racing with ideas about writing routines and cadences.

What types of writing routines are most helpful? What are my own writing routines and those of my readers?

So, as I’ve done in the past, I’ve decided to open up Trip’s comment as a longer post. …

Techniques, strategies, and more that have helped countless writers reach their career goals and land top writing gigs.

Writing Exercises by Aigner Loren Wilson cover image. Black hands holding a phone and touching the screen. Over the image are the words smart writer. Learn how to get better at writing. How to get better at writing fast? Free writing advice. Writing practice. Learn how to write.
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How do you get better at writing? What ways do you practice your craft so that you’re a better writer than you were yesterday?

These are sometimes hard questions to answer. How can we know in what ways we need to grow if someone isn’t there showing and guiding us? That’s why I tend to write my tutorials on writing so that it’s easy for you to identify what steps you need to take. I want you to learn how to write through exercises and practice not by simply writing.

Every month, I expand on my writing tutorials offering new…

My writing spread across pages and papers, codes and screens.

Short story and poetry collection by Aigner Loren Wilson article cover. Picture of author smiling on a beach. Behind her are rocky and tree ridden cliffs and the rolling ocean. Speculative fiction by Aigner Loren Wilson. Horror by Aigner Loren Wilson
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My Books

The day is almost here for my books to drop. It’s super exciting and nerve-wracking and time-consuming, but very much so worth it. I’m sure I’ve talked about them a bit with you and advertised them here, but just in case you’re unaware, I wanted you to know what exactly it is I’ll be releasing.

Well, I write a lot and have for years. So much so that I have over 200 unpublished pieces. Some of them are better than others. …

Over 20 different types of stories and poems to help guide you in deciding which is right for your piece.

Fiction and Poetry Genres and Forms by Aigner Loren Wilson article cover. A Black person sitting on top of a table smiling. There’s a laptop in their lap and a few other items scattered on the desk around them like a remote and cell phone. Over the image are the words: Write Smarter. What are different types of poems? List of poetry genres. List of poetry forms. List of fiction forms. List of fiction genres.
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The desk dictionary that sits beside me defines fiction as a noun. It is prose, literary works of imagination; invented statement, or story (Collins Webster’s Dictionary). It is not real, something that we create in our minds.

But just because it’s made up in our minds doesn’t mean it has to be unreal. Many fictions are informed and created with a sense of reality. The use of the term literary in the definition, to me, makes it seem inaccessible.

Not everyone wants to write literary works. Having a story be literary or not doesn’t determine whether or not you’re writing…

Let’s build and grow and celebrate together while we each try and ride this wild beast called the writer’s life.

Building a Community on Medium by Aigner Loren Wilson article cover. Image of author, Aigner, behind a sleeping orange kitten. She is smiling.
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Let’s Connect

Every couple of weeks, I share a bit of my reader’s group newsletter on here. I do this so that my followers and readers who aren’t subscribed can still stay connected. I’ve really loved doing this and have found that readers like sharing their recent wins, too.

So, please, share what you’re working on down in the comments. If you see someone else has shared a win or a setback, feel free to reach out and connect. It’s nice to know that we’re not all in this alone. …

Dope! Thank you! Sorry it took me a second to respond—I caught this just as I was going on my weekend. I would love to interview you for it.

I have a contact email address for you because I get your newsletters. Is that a good one to reach out to you with? If you have another one to offer, feel free to drop it as a private comment and I'll send over the info ASAP.

Thank you sooooo much again!

Aigner Loren Wilson

Over 200 published pieces. Thought provoking prose and poetry. Better Humans | Tordotcom | The Startup | Better Marketing. Follow to level up your writing.

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