August Author Updates and Free Reads for Fans of Spec Fic

My writing life has been swwwwweeeeeetttttt. Stop by and see what’s been up and let me know how writing has been for you

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Howdy from the PNW

I hope the end of your summer is going well! Write or publish anything fun over the past month?

With the end of summer and my rapid release approaching, I’m prepping for my month off in September. It’ll be all about chilling, relaxing, finishing the stack of books and games I got, and all-out living before diving back into the swing of things in October.

Virtual Halloween Reading

In much bigger news, I have a virtual reading lined up for Halloween! It’ll be hosted through my local bookstore, Orca Books Co-Op. I’ve done a reading through them before and have generally loved the vibe and working with them, so when they reached out to set up another one, I couldn’t help but say, ‘hell yes.’

Since it’s virtual, anyone with the internet can attend. I’d honestly love it if you could make it! I’ll be reading from my recent short story and poetry collections. For more details, please see the Orca or Facebook event page.

Hope to see you there!

I’ll also be setting up more virtual readings, author spotlights, and other shenanigans throughout the coming months. But I’ll let you know as those come up.

Movie News

And in ever-increasingly bigger news, I’ve started working with a film producer of some of my favorite horror movies, and well, movies in general. I’ll be taking on a small role of helping him find horror stories that would make great movies. Some great bonuses are a sweet cut of profits, co-producer credits, and being able to say that I’m a supporting part behind one of the next great horror movies.

We connected after he came across a couple of my horror articles and liked my eye for story. After a video chat and interview, we decided to dive into work together to see how the partnership goes. I’m excited, but also realistic. Hollywood is brutal and tons of stories die on the launch pad without getting any funding. But I’m glad…



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