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The Fun of a Writer’s Life

I hope the end of your summer went well! I got to grab some early tickets to Fiyahcon, which was amazing. The convention was started last year by FIYAH Magazine, the publisher of my horror poem, A Demon at My Window. It’s all about decolonizing speculative fiction and highlighting speculative fiction BIPOC writers, publishers, and supporters.

It’s a great virtual convention for networking, growing my knowledge of the genre, and in general, geeking out over all the cool panels and people in attendance.

Have you done anything fun this month? I’d love to hear about it. Drop it in the comments!

Along with Fiyahcon, I was on vacation all September with a couple of small and big adventures planned. Like for instance, I’ve been taking more advanced game design classes in C# and learning how to design games with Unity and Godot, popular game engines that are used to build more visual and complex games.

I’ve designed and made a few small games over the past few weeks, and they have all been absolutely ugly! But I love ugly at this learning stage. I’ve also been talking with some game companies about joining their team as a writer or narrative lead. We’ll see where that goes as the weeks wane on into the darkness of winter.

Big adventure-wise, I took a much-needed trip back home and did it cross-country on the train, which was scary during the pandemic. Luckily, I was able to reserve a room for myself for the majority of the trip and was able to lounge and see the country isolated from the rest of the passengers.

It was amazing. I saw so many things I’ve never seen before. Definitely a once in a lifetime trip that I won’t forget.

Free Virtual Halloween Reading

My free virtual reading is only a couple of weeks away, and you best believe I will be plugging and boosting the event until the day of. It’ll be me and a costume and a few book nerds. I’ll be reading darker tales and poems from my recent collections Plagued Company and to be haunted for free.



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