Soul by Soul

Love between two friends can sometimes develop into more. When it does, what are the words to say how you feel?

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Photo by Tori Wise on Unsplash

Here trapped in your soul by soul room,
etching out our ideas and futures.
What lives should we lead?
What people should we be?
You let me in and tell me things
that leave me awake and scared in the night.
We talk about anything and everything.

even in our state of flight,
believe that we are free from the world
and codes that keep us bound to the floor.
I know deep down that you
and I are both shackled
to a code that mustn’t be broken
because the consequences
are more than we could ever dream of.

I want to forget these laws,
put my hand on your cheek
tell you that everything is not okay
and probably will never be.
But here in your room
passing this joint
between the two of us
we are perfect,
In our shadowed silhouettes.

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