I recently read an email from Medium and wrote about what they stated is wrong on the backend of the site, what the new change means, and how its effecting top writers like yourself. Essentially, a writer has to read, engage with their readers and other writers, and interact on the site for Medium's new algorithm to work for them. That's what they mean by relational.

It's a push so that more people use the Medium app and visit the site, instead of posting an article and moving on. A common trait among the top earners on the site like Rane, yourself, Denning, and Kuegler is they openly admit they don't read or interact on Medium. A lot of other top writers who have noticed a major drop also say they are not people who actually use the site for reading or interacting with other writers. The article by Ev Williams, founder and CEO of Medium, about the new switch breaks it down also.

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