Lol sorry to shock you! You’re just one of those writers that I see actively engaging in craft discussions. Not just with me, either, but other writers. It really shows that you’re here to build community and be a better writer. I absolutely love that. Thanks for writing, reading, and always engaging.

That’s such a good question! I’d say figuring out your niche, what you want to write, and publications you want to write for. That took me the longest time and even though there’s a section of the class all about that, I always think picking your genre or niche is one of those things that should take time and a lot of thought and research. And don’t limit yourself to Medium publications, look for real-world paid opportunities.

But honestly, though, I made the course to have everything you need. So you could come in totally fresh and unsure and the course will guide you.

Over 200 published pieces. Thought provoking prose and poetry. Better Humans | Tordotcom | The Startup | Better Marketing. Follow to level up your writing.

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