My mindset behind it was that a lot of the people that I follow don’t publish frequently enough to rank high on my feed, so I never got to see them. I was stuck with the same content mill writers that I was following but not interested in. The reason I’ve been more active on your stories is that I am seeing them more because I’ve cut the clutter on most of my followers.

The reason I stuck with following mostly publications is because it offers me a wide range of authors I don’t follow to read. Plus, most publications offer me a curated reading experience within my interests.

My aim is to get my following count down to 100 or less. When I joined, I followed everyone who liked my stories and left comments, but not everyone who reacts to stories is a writer I want to follow or are active writers on the platform.

Over 200 published pieces. Thought provoking prose and poetry. Better Humans | Tordotcom | The Startup | Better Marketing. Follow to level up your writing.

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