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Follow me as I detail my journey to making a passive living wage just from writing.

Aigner Loren Wilson
5 min readDec 11, 2020


For week 2 of this journey and learn how I got 7 pieces curated in 5 days without writing anything new, that is in this article:

Who I Am

My name is Aigner, pronounced like Kanye without the K or onyay. I’m a professional freelance writer and editor. I’ve had a Medium for a while now, but only just became a follower at the end of November.

I garner about 100–120 new followers a week. I publish a minimum of one story a day of quality and value. I follow and interact with other writers on this platform, but most importantly, I have a writing practice that kicks ass. I publish a ton outside of this platform with places like Tor Nightfire, Oly Arts, Discover Pods, and more. I currently make about $1–2 a day on here and have head over 30+ pieces published on my page and other Medium publications.

In my first week or so I got about 200 followers, published 10–20 stories, and made about 4 bucks.

I don’t have a capture of those stats and haven’t figured out if you can view weekly past stats, but below are my stats from this past week.

I published 15 stories in the past week, both in publications and on my own page

These are my views since I began my membership and started publishing on here frequently.

My views since starting to publish on the platform at the end of November.

So, I’m not going into this totally from scratch, but I’m also not one of those people who shot right out of the gate with thousands of views or followers. I’m slightly above average at best, but I know how to move out of average into the top percent.

Experimentation, persistence, and outreach.

Why I Am Trying This



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