The statement where is the lie is meant more of a joke like what are you talking about the evidence is clear as day and I stated it, obviously I believe in it’s truth. He’s definitely privileged for both reasons. I guess I don’t see the point in your questions on where his privilege lies. Nor that it matters. Seems like one of those ‘debate me on your work’ comments that yields nothing.

The 2 decades ago thing is relevant for the point I’m making in the statement of his book not having any knowledge of the current trends in writing. The other point about why his book isn’t a great craft book is in the article. He doesn’t actually talk about craft but what worked for him a white guy in publishing over 3 decades ago. I also list craft books that were written over 20 years ago that are better than King’s and actually teach craft so it’s not just the 20 years ago thing but that coupled with his whiteness and absolute lack of knowledge of how to teach craft to people who aren’t him.

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