They do reward consistent writing, but only if it's of a massive scale. I didn’t start seeing any real traction or reward until after I published 60 stories in 30 days. Then my stories started popping up more across the platform and getting recommended. That’s why I often say that it’s better to save up a bank of 100+ stories before even starting out on the site so that you can publish rapidly and consistently.

Now I can publish 1–15 articles a month and still make hundreds because I have that backlog of published work floating around here—most of which has been curated.

I’ve noticed that small consistency like writing every month, but not publishing every day or engaging a lot on the platform doesn’t get rewarded. That’s why a lot of the big-name writers on Medium are seeing a major drop in stats. They all outwardly state that they don’t engage or even read on the platform.

But Medium is relational, so by not engaging a lot and across a wide span of stories, people aren’t getting the full benefit. There is a lot of gamification worked into the Medium system as is, so much so, most writers and members don’t even realize it. This $500 bonus is just a new rung in their system.

Hence why they said the bonus was for high engagement even though a lot of the people who got the bonuses weren’t engaging that much on the platform. Like April was my worst month for engagement.

Never fall into the trap of thinking that sites that want massive engagement are all about the community. It’s about the money. The revenue and how to get more people to talk about the company, expanding its reach and profits.

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