Weird. I just checked them and they both work. I am not seeing what you are talking about at all.

The Medium Blogging Guide link should open to the publication page of the Medium Blogging Guide. There’s a big picture at the top with a person at a computer and a bunch of text that says what the publication is about. Once you scroll down all the articles are there. For the Medium user guides, that opens up a Medium page that says help center at the top and then below there’s a bunch of links and categories for the different sections of Medium.

Sorry it isn’t working for you, but the links are there and so is the information. There is no prompt whatsoever to pay or message that doesn’t go anywhere. I also haven’t heard this complaint from anyone, so maybe it’s your web browser??

Figured out I was able to add pictures! No where does the Medium Blogging Guide ask for payment. And the Medium user guide opens to the user guide.

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