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Aigner Loren Wilson
3 min readApr 26, 2021


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I went back to my regular schedule of pitching stories to publications. Unlike in previous months, where I would write down a list of places I wanted to pitch to and then send out my pitches, I refined things.

I spent a couple of weeks thinking about and journaling my pitches, earning goal, and thinking through which publications I wanted to write for. Once I finalized my pitches and publications, I wrote them up on my dry erase board, transplanting only the ideas that I felt strongly about — the ones that I would love to work on and sign my name to.

Then I started pitching.

I had a lot of hope in my new system. And it paid off!

I’m in the process of talking with an editor of a dream publication. I’ll also be writing a few articles for Tor Nightfire, Tordotcom, and Discover Pods. A couple of those articles are weed-related because 4/20 is coming up. That made me pretty happy to be able to blend my love of horror and podcasts with my weed smoking. I look forward to sharing those stories with you through my social media pages.


My bookstore and shop are still open for people to place orders for my books and games. I’ll be adding more to it as the months go on, but right now, you can find two of my games, a poetry collection, and a short story collection of mine that you can pick up.

I’m also building the site for my business, Haus of Three Crows, so there will be an unveiling at the end of the month where people can request work and services from me, purchase more of my products, and put in a line about collaborations and other projects.

Novel Revisions

I’m still working through my last round of edits for my novel and have started making some connections with the agents that I plan on submitting to. At the rate I’m working, I plan to finish up and begin querying the last week of April or the first week of May.

When it comes to novel revisions sometimes I feel like I’m always so close to the end and yet never there. But that’s just how it is sometimes with writing…



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